Gillian Pangilinan


Graphic Design

One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder is an e-liquid company dedicated to producing the highest quality e-liquid at a low price. I worked on various marketing campaigns that involved crafting web banners, social media images and videos, motion graphics, email blasts, posters, T-shirts and hats. I've also worked closely with other members of the graphic design team to create branding, packaging and 3D renders of our products.

1hw Man Series Banner 1hw Army Man Banner 1hw Muffin Man Banner
Shirt Designs

Shirt design prototypes.

1hw Shirt Design 1hw Shirt Design
Army Man Teaser Instagram Campaign

We were assigned to create graphics for an Instagram teaser campaign for One Hit Wonder's new flavor, Army Man. This is the teaser image and reveal video I created for the campaign.

Army Man Dog Tag Teaser
XALT Branding and Packaging

A high-nictotine e-juice with 5 flavors: Apple Juice, Mango, Strawberry, Tangerine Menthol and Tobacco. I was asked to create a design that was modern and minimal.

XALT Logos XALT Apple Juice XALT Tangerine Menthol XALT Strawberry XALT Tobacco XALT Mango
MonkeyBallz Logo Design

My design process and conceptualization for a chocolate peanut butter CBD product.

Monkeyballz Logo Monkeyballz Stacked Monkeyballz Logo concept 1 Monkeyballz Logo concept 2 Shirt Concept

Shirt design for the convention Shirt
Twitch TV Content Creators

A collection of illustration and graphic design work that I've done for various creators on Twitch TV.

Notable clients: DeerNadia

nngills online Screen nngills offline Screen nngills banner bones banner bones about panel bones icon bones donate panel deernadia poster deernadia starting sonofgrimnir offline screen
Twitch Emotes

Subscriber emotes for various creators.

Notable clients: Pokimane

gillHey gillMLG gillFite gillOwO grimBan grimHype grimSalt grimRNG pokiS pokiWTF pokiL stebunDerp stebunBlank abokchRee abokchSugoi daniChamp iceecuHmm polahHey foggySip foggyWut